Timeless Design

It can be difficult to talk objectively about something that so many people see as subjective. Design, art and beauty fall into that category. We claim that the spaces we design are timeless, not only because of the materials and plants we use, but because of the style we strive for and the thought behind […]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your area of expertise? Our experience in design and artistic passion is what makes us who we are. It is always what makes us great at what we do. All of our projects go through a design stage first whether big or small. As a design and build company we are best equipped […]


Walkways are primarily functional—they guide us from point A to point B through a straightforward, level surface. They transform space, making it more purposeful and making those who walk the path confident of their direction. When a space is thought out intentionally, guests feel more welcomed into that space, even through a detail as seemingly […]

Phases of a Job

There are a lot of steps that go into a landscape project from start to finish. The beginning steps start long before the physical landscape changes. First comes the survey of the property—which is used to create a hand-drawn design to scale. The design goes through different phases until we arrive at a final, hand-colored […]

Why Design Matters

When I was young my father would say to me “if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well.” To this I would now say a resounding yes. Yet I would add one small detail—if something is worth doing well then it is worth doing thoughtfully and intentionally.” As I am constantly learning, the […]

Design by Hand Part II

As I mentioned in my last post—there is a strong physical connection between a person and his or her hand-drawn or written work. This is mainly due to the role of the pencil and paper, which Paolo Belardi talks about in his book Why Architects Still Draw. I want to explore this idea further to […]

Design by Hand Part I

Building and landscape architecture drawing began with only a pencil, paper, a hand and an imagination. It’s often these little things that matter the most, but are unfortunately the easiest to replace. Today we have computer programs built to help us design faster and more efficiently. They have become popular to the point of replacing […]